The 2023 “Insurer Report Card,” survey was conducted online in November-December 2022, asking body shops nationwide to grade the performance of auto insurance companies that do business in their state. Shops awarded each company a grade from "A+" to "F" based on one question: “How well does this insurer's claims handling policies, attitude and payment practices ensure quality repairs and customer service for motorists?” 

In addition to assigning a grade for each insurer, respondents also indicated whether or not they participate in that insurer's direct repair program, and were invited to submit comments explaining the grade they gave each insurer.

The insurers selected for this survey were chosen based primarily on their share of the auto insurance market in each state.


The 2023 survey received responses from 1,027 collision repair professionals from all 50 states.

Respondents were repair facility owners, managers and estimators that, on average, have 28.1 years of experience in the collision repair industry. A total of 20,065 individual grades were given to 139 different auto insurance companies. The 87 insurers that received a grade from at least 35 respondents were included in the national ranking.

Grading system

In calculating insurers' grades, each individual letter grade was converted to a numerical score in order to calculate an average. The average score received by all insurers was 599, the equivalent of a “C+”.

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