2020 Top Rated U.S. Car Insurance Companies

North Carolina Farm Bureau earned the highest grade among 79 U.S. auto insurance companies that were judged by over 1,000 automotive collision repair professionals based on how well their claims handling policies, attitude and payment practices ensure quality repairs and customer service for motorists. Chubb and Erie Insurance rounded out the top three.

2021 results
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Other than choosing a well-known, highly-advertised brand, or comparing one company's premium to another's (which may or may not be an apples-to-apples comparison), drivers often have little in the way of tools to help them make an informed decision about their choice of auto insurance.

One particular challenge: Drivers on average are involved in an accident just once every 10 years, which gives them little opportunity to compare the claims service provided by one insurer over another.

Collision repair professionals at body shops around the country, on the other hand, deal with many insurance companies on a daily basis, seeing first-hand how those companies take care of customers after an accident. They know, for example, which insurers pressure them to use cut-rate parts, which refuse to pay for repair procedures needed to ensure a high quality repair, or which add unnecessary delays to the whole repair and claims process.

To provide consumers a new tool they can use when choosing an auto insurer, CRASH Network asked collision repairers from across the United States to grade insurance companies based on one simple question: "How well does this company's claims handling policies, attitude and payment practices ensure quality repairs and customer service for motorists?"

The survey found that when it comes to auto insurers, bigger may not be better. Looking at just the ten largest companies – well-known and widely-advertised brands – only one of them, Travelers, ranked even among the top 50 in this year’s survey rankings.

Although consumers may be less familiar with the names at the top of this year’s "Insurer Report Card," one or more of the Top 15 likely offer policies in their state. Choosing a top-ranked regional insurer also offers consumers the opportunity to spend their insurance dollars "locally," keeping it closer to home.

For more details on the survey’s findings, including the grades given to dozens of U.S. auto insurers, download the complete survey results.

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